Donation Request Submissions

The Tribe's Donation Request Form is available in PDF Format that can be downloaded and either printed-out and completed by hand, or filled-out on your computer, printed and submitted to the Tribe.

The form can be downloaded by clicking the link below entitled "Donation Request Form."

Please follow the instructions provided on this page.

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Donation Request Form

Instructions on Completing the Form

Those seeking donations for community projects or our assistance with fundraising programs must complete this application in its entirety. Any donation requests that are submitted without completing this application will not be considered. Please make sure that the name of person or organization, mailing address, contact phone number and e-mail address are COMPLETELY filled out. Some questions may not apply to your organization or project, but please answer all questions that do apply.

Please make sure to specify exactly what donation amount and/or goods you are requesting. Any applications that do not have this information completed will not be considered.

An internal selection committee will review your application and base their decision solely on the information you give us. Applicants may provide additional information or attachments if they are relevant to their funding request, but realize that a concise statement of the project methods and goals will help us best evaluate your application. Please send only copies of your materials as we will not return any of the materials we receive with the donation application.

Request Timeline

To assist us in our efforts to evaluate each request fairly and completely, we ask that you submit applications for donations A MINIMUM OF ONE - TWO MONTHS ahead of the time the donation is needed. We do not do rush processing.  If your organization has a timeline they need to operate by, please plan accordingly on your organization's behalf.  Should your donation request be approved you will be contacted via e-mail to notify you of the granted request.  Please make sure you provide a valid e-mail address.

Please note that we receive numerous requests for funding each month and we try to provide financial assistance to a variety of organizations which enrich our local communities, however, we cannot fund every request, and donations ARE NOT guaranteed to be granted once an application has been submitted.