Donation Requests

The Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians is accepting request for donations. The Tribe’s Donation Request Form is available online below or in PDF Format that can be downloaded and either printed-out and completed by hand, or filled-out on your computer, printed and submitted to the Tribe. Please follow the instructions provided on this page.

You will need Adobe® Reader to access this document. Install the latest version.

Online Request Form

Type of Project or Event

Is your organization non-profit?


Those seeking donations for community projects or our assistance with fundraising programs must complete this application in its entirety. Any donation application that is submitted without completing this application in its entirety will not be considered.

1. To assist us in our efforts to evaluate each request fairly and completely, we ask that you submit applications for donations a minimum of two months ahead of the time that the donation is needed in order for the Tribal Council to review the application and make a determination. If your organization has a timeline they need to operate by please plan accordingly as we do not do rush processing.

2. Ensure that the name of the person or organization, mailing address, contact phone number and e-mail address are completely filled out. Some questions may not apply to your organization or project, but please answer all questions that do apply.

3. Confirm that all of your contact information is correct in the event that we need to contact you.

4. Specify exactly what donation amount and/or goods you are requesting. Any applications that do not have this information completed will not be considered.


A valid e-mail address is required on this application. You will be contacted via e-mail to notify you that your donation request has been granted. Due to the volume of donation request’s the Tribe receives we will only notify you should your donation be approved. If you do not receive an e-mail from us during the timeline outlined above, then your donation request has not been granted and no further action by our office will be taken.


Donation applications are approved and dispersed at the discretion of the Tribal Council. Please be advised that the Tribe receives numerous requests for funding each month and they try to provide financial assistance to a variety of organizations which enrich our local communities, however they cannot fund every request. Donations are not guaranteed to be granted once an application has been submitted even if you have received a donation from the Tribe in the past. Once the Tribal Council has made their decision it is final. Tribal staff are not aware of the reasons that the Tribal Council may decline a donation request. Any inquires as to why a request was not approved will not receive a response.